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Cedra Income, SCSp

Principal adverse sustainability impacts statement
Date of publication: 14/11/2022

Sustainable investment policy

Pre-contractual disclosures pursuant to the EU Regulation 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector ("SFDR")


This financial product promotes environmental or social characteristics, but does not have as its objective a sustainable investment.

No consideration of sustainability adverse impacts

The Fund does not consider the adverse impact of its investment decisions on sustainability factors. It results that the Fund, under the Taxonomy has been classified in the scope of article 6 of the SFDR. Sustainability risks are defined as environmental, social or governance events or conditions that the General Partner considers could have a principal adverse impact on the value of one or more investments in the Fund in accordance with SFDR.

This is due to the characteristics of the investment policy. The Fund might invest a significant proportion of its assets into securitisation bond instruments, where the individual credit selection is made by a third party like a Bank or a CLO manager and where no reporting is compulsory for sustainability risks.

At the date of this Limited Partnership Agreement, the AIFM does not intend to publish a measure of the indicators in Table 1 of Annex 1 under the SFDR above mentioned by lack of data currently available.

Nevertheless since 2019 a large number of credit managers we work with are committing to best ESG practice and are already filtering and avoiding sectors like pornography, betting, tobacco, or defence. Working groups within the European securitization industry are currently trying to find solutions to enable investors like the Fund to implement a sustainable investment policy and obtain the relevant reporting linked to the instruments they are selecting.

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